Great Glasshouse gets new window

Workers have carried out repairs at the worlds largest single-span glasshouse for the first time – eight years after it was first opened.

One of the 785 panes of glass that make up the Giant Glasshouse in Carmarthenshire had to be replaced while the mechanism that controls the opening and closing of around 100 windows was tweaked, according to reports from the BBC.

The giant greenhouse contains beautiful gardens from around the world and is said to attract in excess of 160,000 visitors per year.

Garden marketing manager David Hardy explained what was done:

"About 100 of the 785 windows in the roof open to regulate the humidity, but two or three have been permanently stuck open," he said.

"While the contractors were here fixing that they were also able to replace the broken pane."

The unique design of the huge greenhouse means that it is tilted seven degrees towards the south to ensure that the plants attain as much sunlight as possible throughout the day.

The largest greenhouse in the world is also being constructed in the UK – Thanet Earth will stretch over the space of ten football pitches and be used to grow over 1.3 million hydroponic vegetables, according to the Daily Mail.