Grape growing tips

As autumn approaches, it will soon be prime time for planting grape vines in the UK.

Although normally considered a fruit better suited to the Mediterranean weather, grapes can also thrive in British gardens and greenhouses.

The best time to plant is between autumn and spring and the first thing to do is make a support against a fence.

Once youve done this and acquired your vine, dig a hole wider and deeper than the rootball of the vine around half a foot from the support.

"Plant so the rootball is the same level as the surface of the soil," advises the BBC website.

"Mulch with leafmould or bark chippings."

Attach the vine to the support and prune it, leaving three buds beneath the 40 centimetre mark of the support.

When spring comes, attach the three shoots that grow to the support and remove any side shoots, leaving just one leaf on each shoot.

Repeat the process of leaving three shoots from each vine and pruning in spring and grapes should soon be growing in your garden.

The process may be even more successful when carried out in the controlled heat of a custom greenhouse, but remember to keep an eye on the hydration of the plant.