Grand designs presenter talks up conservatories

Adding a conservatory to the home can be a great way of creating and individual flourish and personalising the home, according to Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud.

The Channel 4 presenter was speaking at Birminghams National Exhibition Centre, where the programme was being filmed live.

Mr McCloud said that building a conservatory can add value to the home as well as create extra space and a personal touch.

He even alluded to a glazed extension being a good way of using the suns energy to heat the home.

"An opportunity to extend out the back is an opportunity to re-orientate and change the direction of the building so that the sun can heat the building more efficiently," he said.
Adding an extra room to the home may be the best option for those looking for more space.

House prices remain in free-fall meaning that those who sell up now are unlikely to get a good price for their home.