Government pushing exercise to fight obesity

Worrying research has found that 14 million Brits carry out less than 30 minutes of physical activity per week – putting the nation at risk of an obesity epidemic.

This goes against recommendations that people should be doing a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise five days per week.

While this may seem like a lot of hard work just to keep the pounds off, simply mowing the lawn or planting some vegetables could be enough to make up for half an hours exercise.

The government is looking to encourage people to exercise more by introducing free swimming lessons and investigating how it could encourage the interest stirred in dance thanks to shows like Strictly Come Dancing.

However, moderate exercise can come in many forms and simply walking to work and back or weeding in the garden or potting in the greenhouse can help keep Brits healthy and in shape.

Public health minister Dawn Primarolo recently explained to the Local Government Association conference that exercise can benefit both individuals and the nation.

"Physical activity is the key to stopping this country becoming the obesity capital of the world – and it makes us feel better," she said. "People of all ages can gain from doing more exercise."