Go organic in the garden, expert says

Greenhouse enthusiasts should go organic in their garden, an expert has suggested.

In an article for the Falmouth Patch, horticulture specialist Kathy Tunsley said there are a range of ways this can be done.

The easiest are to use food scraps for compost and to collect rainwater for feeding the plants, Ms Tunsley commented.

"It’s about putting back nature’s products into our earth to make it more sustainable. Not just for us, but for future generations," she explained.

The expert went on to state that going organic is a mindset and is a way of thinking in which people say to themselves ‘I will do no harm to the environment’.

Reducing the amount of chemicals used for growing plants is the biggest step people can take, she noted, but starting small is the best way to get going.

In a recent piece for the Daily Telegraph, gardening expert Francine Raymond said keeping chickens in a garden can prove a highly organic way of providing fertiliser and controlling weeds.