Go green this spring

Horticultural enthusiasts are often eager to introduce vivid colours – such as reds and yellows – into their gardens to brighten up their space after winter, but greenery is the most uplifting sight, argues a reporter.

Writing in the Independent, Emma Townshend explains that the colour is able to evoke the idea of new growth being on the way.

She states that people need not worry about missing out on flowers if they opt for an emerald aesthetic in their gardens, explaining that viridiflora variety of blooms all feature a streak of soft green that runs to the centre of every petal.

"For the true lover of subtle, early greens there is no better plant than the fritillary. By far the most famous of these spring bulbs is the "Snakes Head", patterned in burgundy. But other fritillaries offer the same restrained pleasures in delicate shades of mountain green," Ms Townshend concludes.

The word viridiflora is derived from the Latin words viridis – meaning green and flos – which means flower.