Go for an autumn colour walk


But before you go clearing up all those fallen leaves for compost or mulching, make sure the children or grandchildren have a chance to play in them – or have a go yourself!  Children have a natural fascination for nature and the colours are an instinctive draw.  It’s a chance for them to get outside and they will love to throw the leaves, kick around in them or jump into them.

If you don’t have leaves in your garden, this is a great time to go out and about to see the changing colours of the seasons and collect some prize exhibits for your home. 

Leaves, seed pods, pine cones, pumpkins, gourds, fruits and berries don’t just look beautiful on the trees, but can be made into attractive natural decorations for the home, or for Christmas.  The internet is full of natural design ideas and ideas seem to flow from the USA in particular.  We really liked an inspired idea to spray paint and etch pumpkins.  So if you have any spare, try the suggestion on this link to etch them for decorations or to make a vase: http://www.bhg.com/videos/m/32071477/etched-pumpkins.htm– you just need some black spray paint, chalk and wood-working tools.  You could also make table decorations or wreaths for your front door – or even for your greenhouse.  We’re sure that the magnificent deep red of our Western red cedar wood greenhouses would be enhanced with an apple, rose hip and seed pod wreath!

To experience the charm of nature, try visiting woods and forests, National Trust venues and public gardens.  Take your family out walking  and breathe in some invigorating fresh air.  The UK’s natural sites offer wooded valleys, beech avenues, rocky faces, hills and mountains.

If you’re stuck for ideas, try visiting the National Trust’s website: http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/visit/view-page/item579088/and enjoy the last of autumn before the crisp winter begins.

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