Global garden products market on the increase

The worldwide market for garden products has been boosted by the global economic downturn, a new report has revealed.

Research company Global Industry Analysts said gardening is growing in popularity as a hobby around the world as a result of reduced overall spending power and changing consumer lifestyles.

So much so, in fact, the company predicted global sales of garden products will hit $246 billion (£158 billion) by 2015.

In addition to the financial pressures, "long-term growth in the market is likely to be driven by an aging population and the heightened global concern regarding [the] environment", the report stated.

It added that today’s "aspirational lifestyle desires" revolve around furnishings and this could include garden accessories such as benches and swings.

A rise in the popularity of garden landscaping may also be a crucial driving force behind the upward market trend, the study noted.

Gardeners should use January to think about developing their garden by adding a greenhouse or improving pathways, Caroline Foley wrote in the Guardian recently