Glazing choices affect finance and comfort

A building expert has suggested that Brits take care when making decisions regarding the glazing in their homes.

While modern conservatories and glazed extensions have become extremely popular, investing in a quality unit could lead to the money being recouped in saved heating bills while ensuring the home remains a pleasant place to live.

Jeff Howell wrote in the Daily Telegraph on Monday (January 5th) that homeowners can save a fortune by making the correct choices with glazing.

He advised that any draughts be cut down by ensuring there are no gaps for cold air to enter the home.

"A further improvement can be achieved with professionally fitted sliding secondary glazing, which will cost a few hundred pounds and have a payback period of three to five years," he said.

"But it makes a big difference to internal comfort levels, cuts down external road noise and preserves the original glazing – especially important in period properties."

Bespoke conservatories can offer families an ideal place to enjoy their gardens.

The Daily Telegraph recently advised gardeners that the winter months, although colder, cast a unique and subtle slanting light across the garden, accentuating tones and colours.