Glazed wall provides passionate view

A glass wall provides an unusual view in a car enthusiasts property, it has been reported.

Writing in the online pages of the Telegraph, sector commentator Mary Wilson notes that when Jason Barron and his partner Satu Macdonald refurbished the interior of their home they installed a glazed panel that provides an uninterrupted view into the garage.

This allows the pair to view the orange Ferrari Dino – which matches the colour of their sofa – in the carport whenever they wish.

"When we were living in our previous home – a loft apartment, also in Putney – we read an article about a house which had a glass garage and weve always held that dream in our heads," Satu explains.

In related news, architect Stuart Bagshaw recently told the online pages of the Times that glazed features such as windows can act as frames for stunning views.

Mr Bagshaw was not referring to cars, but the landscape viewed from Blue Reef Cottages, facilities located in the Outer Hebrides.