Glazed Jenga skyscraper construction begins

Work has begun on Swiss architects Herzog and de Meurons first residential tower – a huge glass and steel structure in Manhattan.

The Jenga tower at 56 Leonard Street will be a home to New Yorks rich and famous in the Tribeca area of Manhattan.

The 57 floors will jut out from one another similar to that of the childrens game Jenga, with each apartment having its own private outdoor space and individual floor plan.

From afar, the building will look to be made almost entirely from glass due to the heavy use of the material, which will be used to allow residents to take full advantage of Manhattans famous views.

World Architecture News certainly seems impressed with the design, which also includes retail space, a huge fitness centre and a screening room.

"With a footprint of 12,500 sq ft and a gross floor area of 425,000 sq ft, the design is set to make a lasting and unavoidable impression in the Manhattan district," the website reported.

The use of glass in building design has become a feature of the early 21st century.

While many huge projects like this one set the trend, glass can also be used creatively to modify individual homes.