Glazed atrium key feature of renovation

The renovation of a 1950s office building on Baker Street, London, centres around a glass atrium some seven storeys in height, it has been revealed.

Anyone planning to install glazed canopies over the entrance to their own homes might draw inspiration from the soaring structure at the former Marks & Spencer headquarters.

Make, the architect behind the project, was faced with a number of requirements, reports Building Design.

These included a need for transparency, while some permeability of wind and rain was permitted in order to ventilate the interior.

Existing wings of the building were used to anchor the glass structure at either side, with entry to the offices available at ground level.

Glazing manufacturer Pilkington lists some of the features apparent in the atrium in its guidance for domestic glazed canopies.

The organisation notes that transparent canopies are traditionally favoured, but adds that any colour of durable glass could be used instead.