Glasshouses – More Flexibility than Greenhouses

Everyone loves eating fresh fruits and vegetables. A visit to the traditional greengrocers or farmers market has become a once in a blue moon affair as people opt for the ease of the large supermarket chains. With this form of grocery shopping however, there are too many cases of tainted food, food not in season with no taste and in addition you really do not know the source of your food. It seems the only way you can be sure that you are eating quality food is to grow your own fruits, vegetables and even flowers.

A home garden is a good option for all. However, the problem arises since you cannot control the great British weather. You have to choose what to grow in your garden according to the seasons. Gabriel Ash has the perfect solution to this with their range of glasshouses that allow you to grow your food at any time of the year. With a Gabriel Ash glasshouse you are able to control the environment throughout the year. You will be able to grow your favourite plants at any time you wish.

The biggest decision you will have to make is trying to choose between a conventional greenhouse and a glasshouse. A glasshouse has more flexibility that an average greenhouse and can be a free standing structure or constructed as a lean to glasshouse.

A glasshouse has a major advantage in that it allows light to enter the glasshouse throughout the day. The glass roof and side walls allow light to enter giving the plants enough sunlight even during the dullest, cold winter days. With a lean to glasshouse, you are also able to take advantage of any heat that is produced in the main house to warm the glasshouse.

Greenhouse construction normally requires very specific rules. You are limited in location choice due to their sizes, cost and even demand. Glasshouses on the other hand offer you more flexibility in terms of location choice. You do not have to choose location based on light demand for your plants since a glasshouse will allow enough light to pass through. Even when opting for a lean to glasshouse, unlike greenhouses, you are still able to take advantage of light from whatever direction you place the glasshouse.

Even though glasshouses are simpler to construct and maintain, you still have to ensure that you buy your glasshouse from the best manufacturers. Gabriel Ash manufacturer quality glasshouses available in a number of styles and finishes. For your free Gabriel Ash brochure click here.

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