Glass will remain a popular design feature

Glass will remain a popular feature of design for a wide range of reasons, it has been asserted.

Phill Willward, general manager at fire-rated glass manufacturer CGI International, explains that the material is popular due to its capacity to harness natural light and illuminate the interiors of structures.

He also notes that glass can bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary design.

"[It] allows for the combination of old and new architecture," Mr Willward tells online resource Glass On Web.

He notes that this is of particular use as developers and architects are increasingly given the tough challenge of designing and creating contemporary buildings that are safe, practical, aesthetically-pleasing and that are also able to comply with regulations.

Meanwhile, figures from Sainsburys Bank suggest that 21 per cent of British homeowners plan to invest in structural changes to their properties, such as the installation of a glazed conservatory, in the next 12 months.