Glass staircases "striking"

People eager to make a provocative statement with the features of their home may well be tempted to invest in a bespoke spiral staircase, it has been suggested.

Sector commentator Ben Naylor makes his comments in the online pages of the Independent, stating that the innovative stairways can provide a "striking" first impression to a property.

He suggests that homeowners may wish to shun more traditional carpeted or wooden stairs and instead opt for a more contemporary look by incorporating glass and steel into the design.

"If you have neither the budget nor the inclination to rip out an existing staircase, try introducing spindles and banisters in stainless steel for a new look, or go ultra-modern with sheet-glass sides," Mr Naylor concludes.

Meanwhile, sector commentator Phill Willward recently told online resource Glass On Web that glass ability to harness natural light will ensure its status as a popular design feature continues.