Glass pays tribute to the past

The glass-rich renovation of the Dolder Grand hotel in Zurich provides an example of the cutting-edge regeneration work that is currently taking place in Switzerland, according to sector commentator Sophie Lam.

As part of the rejuvenation of the facility, all extraneous structures on the site were demolished except for the listed 1899 original building.

Replacing the drab 1960s extensions is a new design that pays homage to its heritage by embracing – literally – the original structure.

A wing-like tunnel of glass and metal encircles the 19th century edifice, connecting at the rear at a point that has been labelled the kiss.

"The trick is that the original building is entirely visible from the glass addition, but the modern parts are more or less tucked out of view from the old. This fluid shape feels in tune with the natural surroundings of the hotel," Ms Lam writes in the Independent.

Meanwhile, a report on online resource reports that a glass-sided hotel on Southampton has been redesigned to incorporate a greater amount of glazing into it.