Glass-fronted office to be created in York

A contemporary glass-fronted office building is to be created in York, it has been reported.

Costing some £500,000, the speculative development called Lendal Arches is to be built within the remains of the York Horse and Carriage Repository, which has been empty and dilapidated for the last decade.

The need for artificial lighting in the structure will be eliminated through the use of large areas of glass – possibly including glazed canopies and glass sliding doors – in the buildings design, the York Press notes.

Other sustainable features of the structure will include a ventilation system that reduces the need for air conditioning and reduce the edifices energy consumption.

"It will be ideal as a base for an outside company considering an inward investment," architect John Skelton tells the resource.

Meanwhile, it was recently reported by online news source the Peninsula that a glass tornado-shaped office structure is to be opened in Qatar later this year.