Glass facade for Heathrows T4

Heathrow Airports Terminal 4 will soon have a new glass façade, with key structural work set to be completed next week.

The steelwork should be completed within just a few days and upgrades are set to be made to the terminal interior.

But the most striking change will no doubt be the transparent ETFE canopy and floor to ceiling glass frameless façade.

Buro Happolds Julian Sheppard told The New Civil Engineer that the work hasnt been without its problems but that he is hopeful passengers will soon see the benefits.

"The existing physical site-specific constraints and live environment have made the project extremely challenging," he said.

"However, we believe that once the project is complete, Heathrows Terminal 4 will offer a far more pleasant experience and environment for passengers, as well as being more spacious and secure."

Advancements in glass and design have led to glazed buildings becoming ever more popular as architects enjoy the benefits of having an extra tool to work with.

The Terminal 4 upgrade is part of a plan to double capacity, while Heathrow East will also replace the existing Terminals 1 and 2.