Glass extension proposed for Cathedral

Plans are being discussed to build a massive glass extension built to link Derby Cathedral to the revamped Cathedral Green.

Funding is yet to be found for the project but Derby Cityscape has unveiled artists impressions of the vision.

Derby Cityscape urban design manager Nick Corbett hopes that the extension will increase activity at the rear of the cathedral and therefore discourage vandalism and other anti-social behaviours.

"The Cathedral itself is a landmark that naturally in a city people gravitate towards, so the idea is that, when they get here and have looked around the Cathedral, there is a range of things to do around the building," he said.

"The building is Grade I-listed and it will be a huge challenge to build this extension."

The idea is one of a number of proposed changes put forward by Derby Cityscape, which include creating a civic quarter on Corporation Street and stripping streets and open spaces of clutter to encourage pedestrianism.