Glass doors could add magnificence to Derby church

A chapel in Derby which is currently undergoing renovation could be made more magnificent with the addition of glass doors, a local developer claims.

Derek Latham has carried out a number of renovation programmes in the city, including the conversion of a local church into Chinese restaurant Wokmania.

He tells the Derby Telegraph that glass doors could be a simple way to highlight the architectural splendour of the Presbyterian chapel on the citys Gower Street.

"It may need some light letting in and outside some simple glass doors and up-lighting to show that it was something magnificent," he suggests.

Those hoping to add a touch of magnificence to their own property could be well advised to consider glass sliding doors.

Property magazine Ideal Home previously recommended glass sliding doors and folding doors as effective means of opening up a kitchen.

The publication noted that glass doors can allow more light into a room and link the interior with the exterior more fluidly.