Glass buildings rejuvenate rundown Gastown

A developer in Canada is attempting to use trendy glass buildings to transform a rundown area of Vancouver.

Robert Fung is hoping that, by giving buildings in Gastown a modern touch, it will become a more desirable area in which to live.

The 42-year-olds developments are proving extremely popular, with some having sold out in a day, and he has even been labelled the King of Gastown, according to the Calgary Herald.

"While others might try to mask the neighbourhood, we sell the neighbourhood and its depth and diversity," he told the newspaper.

"We take the Field of Dreams approach – if you build it, they will come.

"Our buyers come with their eyes wide open and are helping to create balance."

He said his mix of modern design coupled with the existing heritage of the buildings he refurbishes has attracted many buyers to the area.

The trend of using glass as a building material continues to rumble on with the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reporting that the New York borough is set to get a new luxury soundproof glass residential building called The Collection 525.