Glass building at Father Duffy Square, NY

The worlds largest public structural glass building has been unveiled in New York.

The new building for the TKTS booth was officially opened at the north end of Times Square as part of a renovation project to improve the locations accessibility.

The new building is made entirely of glass, as engineer Michael Ludvik was keen to point out in a press release.

"This building is a true glass building," he said.

"The windows are holding up the roof. If you stand on top of this thing, every bit of your weight is carried through to the ground with glass.

"This is the largest public structural glass building in the world."

The new booth includes 27 steps, which rise up from the south end, giving those who sit there a great view of Times Square.

It is situated next to the statue of Father Duffy, who helped establish a congregation in the poverty-stricken Bronx area in the late 1800s.

He was also known for his trench-hopping in the First World War, where he helped carry the injured to safety.