Glass: A Millers tale

A ready-made conservatory allowed Savannah Miller to add a touch of glass to her home, it has been revealed.

The 29-year-old sister of actress Sienna tells the Times that the property previously lacked something in the way of style.

"You couldnt swing a cat in the kitchen," she informs the publication.

However, after knocking through between the kitchen and living room a "vast, light space" was achieved, the Times reports.

The addition of a ready-made conservatory on to this area further increased the living space available to Savannah and 35-year-old husband Nick Skinner.

Meanwhile, the eco-conscious pair recycled an existing glass porch to create a greenhouse in their garden.

The news follows claims from Janet Street-Porter that her conservatory window is now more entertaining than her television.

Writing in the Independent, the broadcaster explained that keeping track of the wildlife which visits her newly erected bird table has become an enjoyable pastime.