Glazed features – which could well include a bespoke conservatory – can provide a home with a great deal of natural light and also be a signifier of openness, it has been asserted.

Industry commentator Elaine Louie makes her comments in the New York Times, using the specific example of a glass staircase used to illuminate the interior of a Victorian property.

Louis Urvois tells the publication that the piece of architecture helps to overcome the limits of the original structure.

"It was a way of addressing the drawbacks of Victorian homes with their long corridors. Instead of the house being dark and grey and sad in atmosphere, we now have light and a joyful atmosphere," he explains.

Architect Rick Mather adds that the features are able to brighten a space without calling attention to itself.

Meanwhile, people considering carrying out design work on their own homes were advised to conduct research before making any firm decisions in an article in the Vancouver Sun.