Give the garden a wildlife boost

A report has shown that the number of greenfinches and chaffinches in UK gardens has fallen in recent times.

The British Trust for Ornithology study claimed that Trichomonas bacterium has led to a 33 per cent decline in the population of the birds in central England.

However, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) wildlife advisor Kirsi Peck suggested that some of the missing birds may simply be elsewhere searching for food in the crop-rich fields.

Despite this, she gave garden and greenhouse fans some advice on making their green space more hospitable to the feathered creatures.

Planting spiky bushes and trees that carry fruit such as berries are ideal ways of helping birds set up long-term homes.

They provide a source of food and a safe haven away from the claws and teeth of the dreaded neighbourhood cats.

"You don’t need to pigeonhole ‘wildlife gardening’ in any way, but it could be something that you consciously do, like using as little chemicals as possible to allow the insects to feed for the birds," Ms Peck added.