Giant greenhouse ideal setting for food growing talks

The UKs gardeners will be aware that all manner of food can be grown in a greenhouse, so it is perhaps fitting that the Eden Project in Cornwall will be the setting for talks next month on how the world will continue to grow food crops without damaging the environment.

The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) is organising the March 16th event and will look to address how growers can help fight climate change.

CLA south-west director John Mortimer explained that the impact of growing on the environment was a global issue.

"As climate change takes it grip on land nearer the equator and as populations rise, the demand for food grown in the northern temperate zones of the world – including the UK – will continue to rise," he said.

"The challenge is how to ensure that the land our children and grandchildren will need to feed themselves is still available to them – and that the skills required to farm and produce food are not lost because of short-term expedients."

UK gardeners can use their greenhouses to grow tomatoes, peppers, peas and chillies, among others.