Get to know your garden for success

Garden and greenhouse owners in Florida have been urged to get to know their green space properly in order to succeed in making a beautiful and sustainable exterior area.

According to News Chief, it is important to get to grips with your garden’s microclimate by taking a number of environmental factors into consideration.

These include elevation, soil content, daytime temperatures, surrounding lakes, wind and humidity.

Giving the example of the local Polk County, it noted that the area receives approximately 50 inches of rainfall each year and is dependent on this for fresh water due to the absence of underground springs and ground water.

Growers who want to have their soil examined by experts can do so by taking it to a master gardener who will be able to carry out an analysis for just a few dollars.

This information should help garden and greenhouse fans work out what type of plants will thrive and which will struggle in their green space.

Meanwhile, the forthcoming Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education conference is to give tips on how to use gardening to introduce kids to the world of the outdoors, has reported.