Get into the garden and greenhouse this winter

Brits can still enjoy their gardens and greenhouses despite the fact that the weather is turning colder.

According to Ronseal, autumn and winter are great times to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

It urged homeowners to make the most of their green space by wrapping up warm and spending some time in the garden during the year’s twilight months.

Wrapping up and watching the birds and other wildlife in the garden can be extremely satisfying, while the fresh air is sure to put some colour in your cheeks, said product manager Kate Hodge.

"If it is really cold, a chiminea or patio heater is also a good idea as you can stay nice and warm whilst enjoying the outdoors," she said.

The expert added that now is a good time to start preparing gardens and greenhouses for what is predicted to be a harsh winter.

This means treating wooden surfaces such as greenhouse frames, decking, fences and furniture to protect them from the wind, rain and snow.