Get a big greenhouse

Gardeners considering investing in a greenhouse have been advised to go for a larger one than what they feel they need. gardening expert James Ashford recently suggested that there are a few things gardeners should think about when building a greenhouse.

Aside from deciding where to put it, Mr Ashford believes that choosing the right size is a major consideration.

"No matter how big your greenhouse is you will wish you had got a bigger one," he wrote.

"Even the folks at Kew Gardens must wish they had got the next size up. This is because as you get used to growing things under glass you will find more and more stuff that will thrive and flourish in the extra warmth and humidity.

"The greenhouse that you thought you would never be able to fill will rapidly become too small."

Gardeners looking for good examples of large greenhouses may wish to visit the Royal Botanic Kew Gardens for an idea of what they could plant in their own gardens.

The garden begins hosting its Tropical Extravaganza event tomorrow and gardeners can see a plethora of orchids and other tropical flowers.