Geranium Plants in Greenhouses

Geraniums are one of the most beautiful flowers that you can grow in your Gabriel Ash greenhouse. It is no wonder that most greenhouse gardeners have a small patch if not a whole greenhouse dedicated to their growth. They look very good by themselves or when grown in containers in a group of flowers.

Since geraniums are very resilient, they do not succumb easily to disease. It is easy to grow and take care of Geraniums in our greenhouses and even the least knowledgeable gardener can enjoy the success of growing them.

Geranium Propagation

Geraniums can be grown from the seed. After ensuring that there is no danger of frost in your Gabriel Ash greenhouse, you can sow Geranium seeds directly into your greenhouse garden. You can use containers if you wish. Starting early, about 8 to 10 weeks before the last frost is recommended. You can use a heated germination mat to give the seedlings a strong, healthy start.

You can also use cuttings. Young shoots about three to four inches long can be placed in moist soil. To promote root growth, keep the soil moist for a couple of weeks.

Growing the Geraniums

You have a choice of either growing them outdoors or keeping them in your greenhouse once they are strong enough.

Cut them back by about one third before transferring them back to your greenhouse, however, to get the best from them, it is best to start a fresh crop. We have plenty of growing accessories that will complement your Gabriel Ash greenhouse, which can be found here.

Stick the plants on a bright windowsill in a cold room – no central heating at all is best – don't water them at all during the winter.
To minimise plant disease problems, provide good air circulation and avoid getting water on the leaves. If disease problems occur, remove affected leaves and stems. Apply fungicides as needed.

For about 18 months, you should be able to get fresh Geraniums from your greenhouse without too much trouble. Enjoy the beauty and the sweet aroma. For tips about growing even more in your Gabriel Ash greenhouse you can review more articles here.

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