Gehry uses glass in first home town commission

World renowned architect Frank Gehry, who designed a temporary stage in Londons Hyde Park earlier this year, has renovated one of the architectural masterpieces that likely inspired him to take up his craft.

Gehry grew up just a stones throw away from Art Gallery of Ontario and has never before been commissioned to work on a building in his home town.

With a billowing glass façade, the building looks somewhat like a giant glass ship when viewed from the right angle.

But much like a bespoke conservatory, Gehry has used flavours of modern architecture to spruces up a classic building without subtracting from its character.

"Instead of tearing apart the old museum, Mr. Gehry carefully threaded new ramps, walkways and stairs through the original," describes the New York Times Nicolai Ouroussoff.

"As you step from one area to the next, it is as if you were engaging in a playful dance between old and new.

A conservatory can add space and light to an older building while still being in keeping with its original style.