Garland considers community gardens

The city of Garland in Texas could soon add its name to the list of towns across the US that have elected to found community gardens, it has been reported.

Council members are in the process of constructing a proposal to turn unused land into plots for locals to grow their own food, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Other Texas cities such as Dallas and Farmers Branch have started their own community plots in the past year and Garland council member John Willis told the newspaper he hopes for a similar project in his own area.

"I would love to see Garland be among the cities that help lead the way when it comes to community gardens," he explained.

Mr Willis added the city owns a lot of unused property that could be used for fruit and vegetable growing.

American Community Gardening Association president Bobby Wilson told the publication there is a definite trend of new gardens being founded around the country.

The city of Miami in Florida recently announced a similar project that will provide food for the areas most needy.