Gardens need watering during spring

Garden and greenhouse owners should not be taken in by the April showers hitting their green space this month, it has been claimed.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), the frequent light rain will do little to replenish ground water reserves, which have been hit hard by a dry winter.

The organisation suggested that gardeners bear this in mind when watering plants – especially seedbeds or specimens that have only recently been put into the earth.

Growers should consider adding extra hydration during periods of bright, dry and windy weather to ensure plants do not dehydrate.

It is important to remember that soil should be fairly dry before planting seeds so that your feet do not compact the ground.

"If you need to dry out your soil further before sowing seed outside, then you can speed up the natural drying process by about two weeks, by lightly cultivating the soil, the RHS advised.

It noted that cloches, plastic and fleece coverings can warm the ground to help seed germination.

Garden and greenhouse owners looking for inspiration could head to one of the numerous RHS shows taking place this year.