Gardens impact visitors opinions

Green spaces can have a great impact on the impression a visitor has of a property, sector commentator Kate Watson-Smyth suggests.

Making her comments in the online pages of the Independent, she states that for many people, the state of a front garden is an indication of the state of the house behind it.

The reporter suggests that people eager to make a good impression on visitors – whether they are guests to the property or potential buyers of a home up for sale – should ensure that their garden looks smart.

"You need to prune and weed and tidy. Dont forget the front door and the guttering and drainpipes. A broken manhole cover or drain will put buyers off very quickly as they will assume theres a big repair job to be done," she adds.

Meanwhile, rural insurer NFU Mutual recently advised gardeners to ensure that their green spaces are as secure as possible and that they also have sufficient cover in place for horticultural equipment.