Gardening with your Gabriel Ash greenhouse

Gabriel Ash’s stunning range of greenhouses offer a wide range of features that will keep your plants and greenhouse at their best. These impressive cedar greenhouses offer durability and strength, providing you with the perfect greenhouse for growing all your favourite plants. Whether you are looking for a simple, attractive greenhouse to grow a selection of plants or an extra place to relax and unwind, you are sure to find amongst Gabriel Ash’s collection of beautiful greenhouses.

To ensure that your plants are kept healthy, it is important to check that the amount of light and the temperature is at the correct level. Cleaning the glass regularly and replacing any cracked panes will ensure that your plants are provided with plenty of sunlight.

When growing plants such as cacti, it is important to make sure that there is plenty of heat within the greenhouse. If you are unsure of how to care for exotic or desert type plants then it is a good idea to research their needs before proceeding to grow them.

Keeping your greenhouse tidy will help to keep your plants at their best. Adding too many items or overcrowding your greenhouse with plants will reduce the amount of space they have to grow, so it is important to keep your greenhouse tidy and spacious. Checking for signs of plant disease or damage caused by insects will help you to ensure that your plants remain healthy. Before using insect repellent, always be sure to try out more natural methods of pest removal to avoid using harmful chemicals. Cedar wood greenhouses are ideal for pest removal as the wood contains natural oils that repel insects. This allows you to avoid using insect repellents that could be harmful to your plants.

Adding extra heating or lighting to your greenhouse is ideal if your plants require it. Smaller or lean-to greenhouses may restrict the amount of light your plants have access to, so adding extra lighting will help them to thrive. If you are growing exotic or desert type plants, then extra heating maybe useful.

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