Gardening trend 2009 – the eco garden

An Oregon website has been examining this years gardening trends and suggested that eco gardening is the hot topic in the gardening world.

Number one on the list is gardening for the greater good, according to

The website suggests that gardeners can go green by buying local produce and growing local plants.

Eco gardens generally attract wildlife and have little environmental impact through excess water usage and chemical fertilizer use.

Overall this years trend should make things easier for gardeners as simplification is the key word.

Gardeners who really want to cut their carbon footprint can use their greenhouse and vegetable patch to grow their own food, cutting out the carbon emissions from shipping and refrigeration in stores.

Not only will this save money, it will also allow gardeners to provide chemical-free organic food for their family.

Meanwhile, has warned gardeners to wait until they are sure that spring has arrived before planting seeds outdoors.