Gardening Tools for the Greenhouse

A Gabriel Ash greenhouse might be a very beautiful structure, but it is still part of your garden. Every gardener needs tools in order to successfully tend to your plants. Garden tools are necessary for every greenhouse and you will also need special greenhouse equipment.

Growing Equipment for the Greenhouse

Greenhouse staging is the most important piece of greenhouse equipment. Greenhouse staging can be important even for plants grown in beds like tomatoes. The best greenhouse staging equipment will have screws and bolts to allow for easy dismantling and moving of pot plants. Most greenhouses opt for single tier staging but sometimes multiple tiers are required to maximise on space. For our full range of quality greenhouse staging please see our full range here.

Watering is essential for your plants. Even without the use of expensive irrigation equipment, watering is just as effective. Watering cans are more effective than garden hoses since they are less likely to wash away nutrients from your plants. A balance will have to be made between watering cans that are large enough to avoid constant refilling whilst light enough to be carried around comfortably.

For most plants, propagation frames would be useful. Using a propagation frame allows you to extend the propagating season without having to heat the entire greenhouse. It also allows plants to achieve better rooting.

Simple gardening tools like rakes, hoes and pruners will also be essential for your garden. Not forgetting garden clothing which will need to be clean at all times to avoid disease and pest contamination.

Many other items of general garden equipment are also useful in your greenhouse, such as dibbers to plant seedlings and cuttings, sieves to sift soil or compost and a range of buckets, pots and trays (all available to purchase online click here)

Greenhouse Monitoring Tools

A good thermometer is essential to make sure that everything is as it should be. Maximum and minimum thermometers – which leave a small needle in place to indicate the highs and lows – are the most sensible kind for this use and will very quickly give you an idea how well the ventilation or heating systems are working, long before your plants suffer.

Depending on what you are growing, you may need meters to tell you the ph and moisture content of the soil. Humidity meters to tell you the amount of humidity in the greenhouse will be important especially for plants that require a specific environment.

Most of this quality greenhouse equipment is easily available. Quality tools and equipment for your greenhouse is just as important as the actual greenhouse itself. Second hand equipment may be used but it is essential to properly fumigate them to avoid transferring disease and pests from one greenhouse to another.

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