Gardening tips for the recession

A national newspaper has been distributing tips on saving money in the garden.

The Guardian says there has been a return to self-sufficient gardening as a result of the recession and that those using it as a way of saving money on groceries can cut even more costs by planning carefully.

It suggests planting vegetables is less expensive than having a plot or greenhouse full of colourful flowers.

Supermarkets and bargain sections often offer good discounts compared to full priced garden centre stock.

The newspaper advises gardeners to buy infant plants rather than paying a premium for fully grown varieties.

It also hints that car boot sales, eBay and charity shops are good places for bargain buys when it comes to tools.

The Royal Horticultural Society and Alan Titchmarsh last week announced the launch of a scheme that will see schools given grants of £500 to help establish and develop gardens.