Gardening solution to loneliness in older men

Loneliness, depression and isolation can affect anyone, but in particular some older people whose lives veer off the path of employment, family and community or who may be struck by poverty.

Gardening has come to the rescue of one group of older men in Sheffield who have been helped using this method to restore them to a state of happiness and camaraderie.

The ‘Men in Sheds’ project is supported by The Salvation Army and is run from a community garden in the Woodhouse area.

The weekly service is provided for free with council funding and is run on Wednesdays for those over 65.  Organisers intend to sell produce within the local community.

The concept originally came from Australia where the Mensheds Australia project was successful in assisting those in a similar position.

Robin Parker commented: “Loneliness, depression and isolation can affect anyone in any sector of society and the garden and greenhouse offer a connection with nature that can restore harmony in the mind and body.  Our wooden greenhouses provide that extra natural union, as many of our customers tell us.”

Author: Robert Smith