Gardening refreshes tired minds

The idea of gardening as a stress-busting tool has been explored this week on the Royal Horticultural Societys blog.

Jean Vernon wrote that only a few moments of this activity is enough to lift energy levels and feed the soul.

She highlighted an exhibit at this weeks Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in the UK, where a work entitled Hope Begins at Home is aimed at supporting Combat Stress. This organisation helps ex-soldiers heal psychological wounds.

"The garden projects a story of hope and nurture within its calm space," she remarked. "Some of the plants have even been grown and cared for by veterans."

Taking time out of ones day to spend some time in or out of the greenhouse may be a wise move for anyone who needs to relieve tension.

According to the online resource Relaxation Expert, gardening enables people to go back to basics and remind themselves of the simpler things in life.