Gardening proving fun for all ages

Gardening and growing your own food is becoming more and more popular among a range of age groups it seems – and not least among children.

A recent article in Private School News explains how the pupils of Staines Prep School have been growing their own food as part of their Year 3 studies and were recently able to tuck in to what they had grown, including some delicious herby diced potatoes.

"After planting just four seed potatoes, the children were rewarded with a hearty crop of 55 potatoes," the website explained.

"The autumn harvest followed on from a successful summer which yielded a large selection of salad leaves, tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes and peppers which the whole school enjoyed."

Pupils were investigating the growth and development of fruit and veg by getting their hands dirty and growing them themselves. The gardening is helping with a number of subjects including nutrition and health education.

But it is also helping with their history studies by giving them a peak into how home-grown food helped the UK population get through the Second World War.

Growing your own fruit and veg has been mooted as a fun and healthy way to beat rising food prices while providing nutrition and exercise for the family.