Gardening need not cost a fortune

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts need not spend a fortune on the equipment they need, it has been claimed.

According to, a little shopping around can save horticulture fans a great deal of money.

It recently provided readers with a number of tips on how to grow a garden in a frugal manner.

Scouring the classified ads is a good start as many people who are moving home or re-landscaping use these to give away plants for free to those willing to pick them up.

Furthermore, catalogues are often a great source for cheap seeds, with many offering promotional offers and coupons on their websites.

According to the news provider, home improvement stores sometimes have decent plants in their clearance section which, although less than perfect, could be fine with a little TLC.

Meanwhile, heading to nature centres can give gardeners a chance to meet like-minded individuals and buy native plants.

In other news, the Gaston Gazette has revealed that the Carolina Panthers American football team helped kick off a local farmers market.