Gardening kids get to meet Titchmarsh

A pair of gardening enthusiasts recently got their wish after writing into a TV show asking for a favour.

But it was Alan Titchmarsh rather than Jimmy Savile who fixed it for nine-year-olds Finlay and Joseph Taylor after they wrote to him for advice on what to do in their garden and greenhouse.

The twins from Wakefield were invited to the Alan Tichmarsh show and given the VIP treatment before meeting the gardening legend, according to the Wakefield Express.

"Ive loved gardening from being tiny and on National Book Day at school, I went dressed as Alan," explained Finlay.

"He is my favourite TV gardener. I watch his programmes and grow my own vegetables and flowers at home now."

Growing your own has become increasingly trendy – only recently the National Trust announced it was to open the grounds of some of the countrys most significant estates in order to construct allotments.