Gardening fans should not scrimp on summer stalwarts

Gardeners interested in creating a summer-long oasis of colour in their back garden should not neglect long-flowering blooms.

While it is easy to get carried away with the vibrancy of spring blooms it is important to have a garden that is well thought out for all-year flowering, according to Anna Pavord in the Independent.

A garden needs structure and the best way to provide this is by planting long-flowering plants like roses and dahlias that will build up to a summer peak – that way as the spring blooms die down these plants form a floral bridge into summer blooming varieties.

It is equally important to remember to plant some forms of evergreen as these trees and shrubs will provide a much needed splash of colour over the cold winter months – while greenhouse reared plants can also provide early spring decoration.

According to the Neil Wormald of the Times, meanwhile, tips to improve the aesthetics of your vegetable plot this summer include planting Swiss Chard Bright Lights, which can be grown in shades of yellow, gold pink and purple to add a splash of colour.