Gardening does not have to become a chore

Being organised and planning ahead are skills that homeowners could learn to prevent their gardens growing out of control and the tidying up process becoming more of a chore than an enjoyable activity, it has been stated.

Writing for the Hawick News, Jake Coltman highlights that many people want to reap the benefits of a nice garden, but may not have the time, fitness or dedication to carry out tasks on a regular basis.

One particular problem that faces garden owners is keeping a lawn tidy and Mr Coltman feels that this job only worsens the longer it is left.

He said: "A well-kept lawn need not be a chore. Provided it is cut on a regular basis – and there are plenty of electric and petrol-driven machines to do the job with little effort – there should not be a problem.

"At the height of the season it is far easier and quicker to cut the grass weekly when it is only a couple of inches long. Leave it for two or three weeks before tackling it and, of course, it becomes a chore."

Meanwhile, he added that those looking for a low-maintenance garden could instead decide to use decorative gravel or add a decking area, which can still provide a pleasing look.

The Times reported last year that lazy gardeners can improve the quality of their soil by applying regular layers of organic mulch to areas, which will help attract more worms to leave behind nutrients.