Gardening cultivates green credentials

Parents eager to spark their childrens interest in the environment could find they are able to do so through gardening.

Dr Irene Plonczak, from Hofstra University, explains that horticultural pursuits can also provide a great way for parents and youngsters to do something together.

She suggests that strawberries, carrots, peas and courgettes are all perfect produce to plant.

For mums and dads who do not have a suitable green space in which to grow their crops, Dr Plonczak suggests that an earth box – a container that can be filled with soil and placed on a balcony or rooftop – could be the perfect solution.

Seeds can be planted in the container and then allowed to grow.

"By having your own garden you have also engaged in environmentally-responsible behaviour. You have cultivated respect and understanding for the environment," the university explains.

In related news, the National Farmers Union recently stated that consumers are increasingly purchasing locally-grown produce.