Gardening calendar packed full of health tips

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts in Iowa may be interested in getting their hands on one of Iowa State University Extension’s 2011 garden calendars.

According to the Chronicle Times, the publication contains numerous "gardening is good for you" messages and provides health tips, as well as its beautiful images.

Co-authors Cynthia Haynes and Richard Jauron told the newspaper that the calendars are filled with positive messages.

"Everywhere you look, you see information on ways to improve your health – how to exercise, what to eat, what not to eat – that made us think of all the ways gardening can help people stay healthy," Ms Haynes said.

She added that they really wanted to focus on this information when designing the calendar and that they had a "lot of fun" making it.

As well as health tips, the calendars help gardeners focus their attention on improving certain skills.

In other news, has advised growers to plant spring-flowering bulbs now ahead of the first frosts.