Gardening appeals for many reasons

People are attracted to gardening for a range of reasons, an industry commentator explains.

Writing in online resource icNewcastle, gardener Trevor Jones explains that some individuals are tempted by the pastimes environmentally-friendly credentials and feel the need to cultivate their own piece of green space.

Meanwhile, others may find that spending time in the garden is the ideal way to get away from it all, relax and have some peace and quiet.

He also suggests that gardening provides the opportunity for parents to get children away from computers help them to gain an appreciation of the great outdoors.

Mr Jones is the head gardener at the Alnwick Garden, which he describes as a "once-derelict site now transformed into a garden of international reputation, in an ongoing project led by the Duchess of Northumberland."

In other news, financial services provider NS&I recently asserted that ecologically-aware gardening can help horticulturalists to make savings, as well as boosting their green credentials.