Gardening and florist careers happiest

The news that gardening makes us happy is not new to us at Gabriel Ash, but the latest piece of research from City & Guilds has confirmed this well-established fact.

The world’s leading vocational education organisation found that nine out of ten gardeners and florists (87%) were very happy in their jobs.

A big advantage was the ability to manage their own workload, choosing when and how they go about their daily tasks and 80% reported this as the key benefit.

The article in the Daily Mail reported that 82% said they derived job satisfaction from being able to use and hone their skills on a daily basis.

If you’re interested how other careers fared, hairdressers and plumbers were also very happy, whereas a high number of bankers, IT and data processors, and human resources professionals hated their jobs.  The Career Happiness Index survey found that workers earning more than £60,000 were among the unhappiest.

So if you’re a green-fingered gardening enthusiast limited to just evenings and weekends, why not consider doing a course and turning your hobby into your job?

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