Gardening advice for March

Advice on jobs to do in greenhouses during the month of March has been issued by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).

The organisation explains that many conservatory-based shrubs can be pruned at the time of year, recommending that the stems of pot-grown fuchsias are pruned back and that they are placed in a warm, well-lit spot to allow them to re-shoot.

If necessary, the plants should then be re-potted in fresh compost and feeding should begin six to eight weeks later.

However, should the plants be kept in their original soil, then feeding should begin immediately.

Finally, amaryllis should be deadheaded and the flower stalks left to die down of their own accord, watering and feeding should continue as it may flower again in August as well as the regular blooms due the next winter.

The RHS returns to Bute Park in Cardiff Castle for the fourth annual Spring Flower Show in April.